We create clarity,
out of the chaos of digital noise.

Our big data analytics platform and services combine technology and human expertise to help organizations around the world achieve clear and actionable insights every day.


Data-driven decisions

Alto Data Analytics offers a wide range of big data analytics solutions to public, private and non-profit organizations around the world. Alto’s unparalleled services deliver real-time knowledge from large and complex data sets, and from any private or public, structured or unstructured data source.


Cloud-based proprietary back-end infrastructure. High scalability and adaptability to multiple data domains for the ingestion, indexing and management of large data sets of any type and from any digital source.


Clear and easy-to-use graphic interface, search centric. Users work intuitively with complex data, delivering actionable insights faster for their organization.


Advanced technology and expert analysis combine to provide solutions that help organizations around the world harness the benefits of big data and advanced analytics.