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From disinformation and deepfakes to brand reputation, commercial insights, or online and offline influence analysis, Alto maps digital relationships and patterns, providing unmatched understanding of the world. Alto’s artificial intelligence software and algorithms turn billions of public data points into actionable cyber-intelligence for faster, better decision-making.

Alto’s international and diverse team combined with artificial intelligence, algorithms and proprietary technologies enable massive real-time analysis of public data sources across 53 languages and 125 countries. Alto delivers exclusive intelligent solutions from across the digital sphere and empowers the world’s largest organizations with critical insights for data-driven decision making.


Disinformation, Electoral Integrity, and Deepfakes

Alto has a profound understanding of the global digital threats and information disorders affecting the world and has developed ad-hoc technology and algorithms to stay ahead of rapidly evolving digital disinformation strategies such as fake-news, deepfakes or networks of coordinated, unauthentic and malicious users.

Brand Reputation & Crisis Response

With Alto’s services and billions of public digital data points in sight, never miss what is being said about your brand and strategic goals. Instantly identify where opportunities and challenges are and coordinate powerful, evidence-based responses to expand influence with confidence and speed across multiple digital platforms in real-time.

Political Debate, Public Opinion, Polarization, and Social Unrest Analytics

Public digital conversations provide unique insights on social trends shaping society’s opinion. Alto analyzes key influencers and evolving themes as it is critical to understand how controversies and the public reaction unfold in real-time. Alto quickly identifies any coordinated or unauthentic behavior aimed at fueling social unrest, polarization or pollution of the public debate.

Strategic Communications & Media Intelligence

Alto leverages the power of analyzing billions of public data points in real-time to tailor messaging for high-impact, precise and effective communications. Confidently identify key actors, audiences and media sources that best support your strategic goals during any communications campaign.

Family Offices, Board and C-Level Executive Protection

Alto provides powerful real-time insights on information flows around key individuals detecting when their reach and influence are affected or when they are targeted by malicious campaigns. Alto reinforces the reputational and financial security of high-profile and high-worth individuals and their assets of interest amidst a wide array of digital threats.

Market Research, Competitor Analysis & Commercial Intelligence

Stay on top of the digital public debate about the latest market trends and competitor activities and know what customers and stakeholders are saying. Alto provides real-time commercial intelligence anywhere in the world.

Cybersecurity and Threat and Risk Intelligence

Confidently operate with a 360° vision on the public exposure and risks of all internal and external digital assets and data sources. Alto allows for detection of the dissemination of your own or third-party cybersecurity and technology incidents and razor-sharp, precision response in real-time.

M&A, Legal Protection

Alto’s technology and algorithms support historical, comprehensive and rapid due diligence of key actors and corporate entities surfacing how these intersect with hidden, public or background information of interest. Alto provides critical insights for better data-driven decision making.

Products & Services

Power decisions with sophisticated data-driven intelligence

Alto Analyzer

Fast, scalable, real-time, artificial intelligence software

Unique AI Technology, Unique Point of View

Alto Analyzer is the most innovative and advanced premium software tool to map and cluster digital conversations, connecting billions of data points from over 125 countries and more than 50 languages. Alto’s exclusive next-generation algorithms and AI provide a unique, real-time point of view.

Outstanding Insights, Outstanding Decisions

All our power goes towards making data understandable. Alto Analyzer’s impressive real-time visualizations enable best-in-class insights and transform complex data into exclusive information to improve decision-making.

Alto Insights

Exceptionally powerful visual reports by world-class data experts

Sophisticated Data Analysis Service

Alto’s world-class international data team will keep your needs in sight to help turn the vast and complex world of public data into valuable, actionable intelligence. Deliverables include exclusive high-impact visual reporting tailored to your most important strategic questions.

Creative, Expert, Specialized Human Team

The Alto Insights data team comes with a variety of backgrounds and expertise including sociology, design, mathematics, data science, journalism, business, or cyber-intelligence. They will apply all their knowledge and creativity to look where no one else has and ensure that insights and visualizations can be communicated with ease and efficiency across your organization.

Alto Oculus Virtual Reality

Exclusive technology and expertise for unique, high-impact insights

Immersive Visualizations Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Get fully immersed in any data set with Alto Oculus, our proprietary virtual reality analytics environment (optimized for Oculus VR headsets). Intuitively navigate data and key insights, fly through interactive visualizations, and experience first-hand Alto’s unique power to turn sophisticated data and insights into actionable intelligence.

Engage Directly with Each Datapoint

Deep dive in real-time from visualizing billions of datapoints into the granular level of individual connections. Hands and motion tracking enable unique interactivity so you can freely explore data and insights from your own point of view and record outstanding virtual reality videos with your personalized analysis.

Ideas Lab

Here we showcase how our best in class software and insights combine unique technology and human expertise delivering intelligence to make better decisions in complex scenarios.

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