Alto Data Analytics worked with the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) to understand how disruptive technologies are shaping the future of education and what the opinions of leaders in the education sector are.

Our team of data scientists analyzed 2.1M results and 286K conversations from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook generated by 260K authors in Spanish, English and Portuguese from January 1st to June 30th. Here’s what we found.

Strong links between education and technology

Keyword network of 155 most-used terms associated to education and technology. January 1st to June 30th, 2017.
Keyword network of 155 most-used terms associated to education and technology.

Our algorithms analzyed 1,000 key words in English, Spanish and Portuguese in the online discussion about education and technology, then created a network of the 155 most-shared keywords and identified six major associations:

1. Digital Learning: technologies integrated in teaching methods, such as e-learning, blended-learning and flipped learning.

2. K-12 EdTech: technologies applied to early development learning, using gamification strategies, virtual reality and augmented reality.

3. Apps for Kids: educational mobile applications for K-12 children.

4. Future of Education: how AI, robotics, IoT and machine learning will disruption education.

5. Google Apps for Education: Google edtech applications from GoogleEdu.

6. Bring Your Own Device: teaching methods that include students bringing their own tech to class.


Diverse communities and opinions

Upon conducting a network topological analysis of interactions surrounding edtech, a diverse and dense network of interactions emerged. The 10 most relevant communities represent 58% of the total identities surrounding the educational technologies debate:

Keyword network of 155 most-used terms associated to education and technology.
Network of 293,790 users, including 862,755 retweets.

1. Google tools for education 9.5% – Community formed by American teachers sharing information, advice and tutorials about Google Edu tools. Google Classroom, Slides and Forms are most popular.

2. Advice for educators 9.4% – Edtech tools, tips, tutorials and apps shared by teachers with the goal of integrating tech into classrooms.

3. Community led by TechEdvocates 6.1% – Blogs advocating for edtech and sharing edtech information and tips. Blog with most views is TheEdvocate led by Dr. Matthew Lynch.

4. The future of education 5.3% – Businesses and experts focusing on the use of big data to develop virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics in edtech.

5. Edtech used in classrooms 5.3% – Edtech for K12 with tips and tutorials about how to use new technologies in early childhood education and the role of teachers in using edtech.

6. Community led by UK profiles 5.2% – British community recommending edtech apps for kids. Content shared include podcasts, videos and articles about new education practices using edtech.

7. VR applied to education 4.4% – Examples of how virtual reality is being successfully implemented to teach, notably in chemistry, anatomy and literature.

8. Edtech in HigherEd 4.3% – Use of virtual reality, augmented reality and big data in post-secondary education.

9. Gamification 4.3% – Successful uses of gamification and VR in the classroom.

10. EdCircuit Conversation 4.1% – A marketing agency, MindRocket Media, focused on global education industry, fosters a conversation around the EdCircuit blog.

USA, UK and Canada are leading the edtech conversation

US-based commentators dominate online discussions on edtech with more than half geo-tagged in the US (55.7%), followed by the UK (11.1%) and Canada (5.9%).

Strongest connections are between US and UK
Map shows 134.183 retweets between users in different countries. Strongest connections are between US and UK.

Top 8 influencers driving discussion on edtech

80% of the top influencers form 8 categories. Influencers include experts, educators and corporations. Experts are primarily consultants, educators gain influence blogging and corporations offer technological solutions for education.

Top influencers
Top influencers tweeting about #edtech from each category.

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