Alto Data Analytics

Today’s organizations must be data-driven. This means incorporating big data and advanced analytics in all facets of business. Collecting and analyzing large and complex data sets is challenging, even for large corporations, and analytics techniques and algorithms do not always deliver real-time results or meet business requirements

Alto Data Analytic’s mission is to help organizations focus on what really matters, by creating clarity out of the chaos of digital noise and providing actionable insights from thousands of data sources every day.

Alto Analyzer

We built Alto Analyzer, our proprietary, cloud-based software, to make it easy for people to work with vast datasets, discover insights and make informed decisions in real-time from anywhere in the world.

We’ve design a clear and easy analytics experience and our platform accepts any data source, private or public, structured or unstructured.

Alto Insights

Our team of data scientists takes big data analysis to the next level by using the most advanced analysis methodologies available, such as Advanced Social Network Analysis (SNA), Network Topology Mapping and Author Network Analysis.

Our framework applies a complete set of mathematical, geographic, geometrical and sociological methods for surfacing important communities, subgroups and patterns within large and complex datasets.

No matter the problem or hypothesis, Alto Data Analytics has the technology and human expertise to give organizations the intelligence they need to be data-driven.