Our CEO, Alex Romero, attended the OECD 2018 Forum as a key discussion leader for the New Global Leadership panel. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 37 member countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade. This year’s forum brought French President Emmanuel Macron, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and many other world leaders in government and business.

The magnitude and complexity of issues at stake on the global agenda is daunting, and the speed at which they are happening seems uncontrollable, whether in terms of climate change, natural disasters, humanitarian aid, movements of people, trade disruption, peace negotiations or the erosion of social benefits.

A general consensus also exists that today’s global architecture has not quite caught up with the dual forces of extreme hyperconnectedness and digital transformation, and the lines between national sovereignty, transnational interference, public and private matters are blurring rapidly.

New entities have emerged on par with governments, at the intersection of rule-setting and implementation. The traditional confines of policy making are evolving and support for them is growing where national authorities fall short. However, recent developments have made it very clear that the ability to disrupt the rules comes with heightened responsibility. Some even argue that global players, whether from business or civil society, need to earn a “social license to operate”.

The New Global Leadership panel aimed to address these issues and provide actionable insights for corporations and governments to more efficiently and effectively co-create global solutions.

Alex supported the discussion with key insights from our analysis on sustainability, where we uncovered after analysing 72M data points across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, forums, blogs, news and other digital sources in English and Spanish, an important shift in consumer expectations from governments to CEOs to take action to create sustainability. This analysis was also published in the World Economic Forum. Alex informed attendees on CEO activism and the steps leaders in the private sector can take to join the debate. You can watch the complete panel here.

We are grateful to the OECD for this opportunity to participate and increase global awareness on the importance of CEO activism to create sustainability.