The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place this week, March 13th to 15th in São Paulo, where world leaders in business and government gathered to discuss the most pressing issues facing our planet and societies and what they mean to the growth and evolution of Latin America.
Our CEO, Alex Romero, was a discussion leader at The Data Era panel session, along with Matias Muchnick, Chief Executive Officer, The Not Company, Claudio Muruzábal, President, SAP Latin America and the Caribbean, Diego Steverlynck, CEO, S4 Holdings Ltd and Jairo Trad, Chief Executive Officer, Kilimo, Argentina. The panel discussed how their companies are leveraging the use of the data to help companies be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
We are honored to have been part of the forum, committed to improving the state of the world – a mission Alto will continue to strive to achieve in all areas of our business.