Alto’s CEO and founder, Alex Romero, has joined the advisory committee of The Conversation, an independent news website produced by academics and journalists and Spain’s newest global media outlet.
The Conversation has landed in Spain to place academics, researchers, and scientists at the centre of social debate and secure their voice in major discussions largely dominated by researchers from the Anglosaxon world and exclusively in English.
Through TC Media’s global network and TC España, an opportunity existed to reach millions of readers Spain and reach the wider Spanish-speaking world in Latin America, the United States and beyond.
The Conversation offers unique exposure for academics who wish to enter the public debate. The organization aims to build the largest global expertise network on the planet and attracts 10 million users monthly, with a broader reach of 40 million unique page views through Creative Common’s republishing.
The Conversation’s goal is promote the research and value of higher education to the world, and for the world to be better informed and have better public conversation.
The Conversation advisory committee are comprised of leading figures from academia, the intellectual sphere and the business community.