On March 29th our CEO, Alejandro Romero, spoke about applied big data methodologies at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs (SIPA).
Students, staff and Alto’s clients gathered to hear two case studies, including our analysis of the network topology behind major brands’ digital campaigning strategies and a visual analysis of the digital impact Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood documentary generated.
The focus of the presentations was to provide attendees practical examples of big data methodologies that can be used to measure digital campaign effectiveness. Alejandro spoke with Anya Schiffrin, Director at SIPA, where she teaches courses on new media, technology and innovation.

Alto Data Analytics will be partnering with top universities to give a series of conferences and workshops about applied big data analytics. If you are interested in attending future events or organizing an event with our team, please contact our Head of Marketing, Clarissa Watson at info(at)alto-analytics.com.

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