On March 29th our CEO, Alejandro Romero, will be presenting two case studies in Columbia University’s School of International Affairs.

Case studies include our network analysis of the ISIS digital strategy and a visual analysis of the digital impact of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood documentary. The purpose of the presentation is to provide practical examples of which big data methodologies can be effective to measure digital campaign effectiveness.

Columbia University’s School of International Affairs was founded in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II. Emphasizing practical training, the School’s mission was to foster understanding of regions of vital interest and to prepare diplomats, officials, and other professionals to meet the complexities of the postwar world. The School’s mission stays true to this history: SIPA serves the global public interest by educating students to serve and to lead and by producing and sharing new knowledge on the critical public policy challenges facing the global community.

Alto Data Analytics will be partnering with top universities to give a series of conferences and workshops about applied big data analytics. If you are interested in attending the Columbia University event on March 29th, please contact our Head of Business Development (Americas), Raquel Carvalho at raquel.carvalho(at)alto-analytics.com.

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