In October 2019, Alto Data Analytics shared key expert insights at EnlightED, a global conference that brings together leading international experts in education, technology, and innovation in order to promote a broad debate on education in the digital age. Alto’s CEO, Alejandro Romero, shared his ideas in a panel alongside Carissa Véliz of the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford and Javier Bardají, CEO of Atresmedia, in the session, “Educating to Tackle Digital Threats: Privacy and Misinformation” moderated by Diego Rubio, Director of the IE Center for the Governance of Change. In another interactive session, José Miguel Cansado, Managing Director and Head of Global Accounts & Consulting at Alto, presented key results of an analysis conducted in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica that highlighted insights into the global digital conversation around education, with a special focus on trends in technology and innovation. An interactive website which allows users to engage with the key insights of the analysis can be accessed here at the following link, and a brief visual demo is shown below:

Interactive Website Features Insights of Analysis




Click here or on the demo above to access the interactive site and unlock additional insights on the global digital conversation on education

Alto Shares Insights at EnlightED 2019

EnlightED creates an inspiring and participative environment where new initiatives and innovative experiences around access to education for all and the opportunities that technology affords for both learning and teaching are engaged with at length. Alto Data Analytics actively supports the goals and efforts of EnlightED in bringing together stakeholders across academia, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship across the private and public sectors with a focus on the future of education.

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