Alto Insights is where top technology and human know-how meet. Our team of big data analysts has expertise in Advanced Social Network Analysis (SNA), network topology mapping and other digital methodology techniques.

We use topological and networked data analysis on highly complex big data sets, because data has shape and shape has meaning. By exploring the geometric relationships between data points, our analysts present data in visually attractive ways, revealing patterns and sub-segments otherwise left hidden.

We also perform in-depth analysis on every dataset and prepare personalized reports to illustrate and provide clarity on key findings and discoveries. We take great care in including visualizations, adapted to each project, that help to make each data insight easy to understand and communicate to others.


We have an expert team of data scientists, including sociologists, journalists, market researcher and business intelligence analysts.

We work with each client every step of the way to understand key objectives to identify key metrics before we start in order to be able to offer a complete analysis of any dataset.


We use Advanced Social Network Analysis (Advanced SNA), Advanced Social Media Analytics and Network Topological Analysis (NTA) to analyze and categorize characteristics of network graphs. The modelling and visualization of networks is important in detecting communities and clusters.


Our reports have helped organizations create strategies in many departments including communications, marketing, finance, IT and security. We offer three kinds of reports:

  1. Periodic Reports – daily, weekly or monthly reports reflecting digital information that has been gathered over 24 hours or 7 days, or a more strategic view of the flow of a relevant discussion, topic or other digital data source.
  2. Brand Reputation Analysis – status of a brand, product or organization’s reputation by examining opinions online or upload from private data sources.
  3. Security Reports – advanced analysis of threats and risks across multiple possible dimensions: region, country, organization, or individual level.
  4. Ad Hoc Reports – customized analysis of specific topic such as testing a hypothesis, understanding a competitor’s success, or gathering opinions from a particular group.


In addition to a full team of expert data analysts, every Alto Insights client is assigned a dedicated account manager to answer questions, troubleshoot, offer suggestions and further explain results and consult on next steps at any time during the project.