2018 was an exciting year for the Alto blog, where you’ll regularly find in-depth analyses and case studies, examples of our clients using Alto Analzyer, creative uses of public data and open artificial intelligence, insightful takes on digital public debates, company milestones, and more.

To look back on the year, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blogs for you to enjoy. Here are our top 5 blogs from 2018:

5. Trump’s Twitter Strategy. We used SNA to understand Trump’s personal (@realDonaldTrump) and presidential (@POTUS) official Twitter accounts during the United Nations General Assembly to uncover his Twitter strategy. Insights used for SNA modelling.

4. How artificial intelligence rightly fails to recognize toilets and what that means for 2.22 billion people. Alto’s data science team is always looking for new ways to use public data and open AI to more accurately measure and automate faster and better ways of understanding the global impact of social issues. Focused on sanitation, we modelled an AI-powered image recognition analysis of toilets. The results revealed 2.22 billion people do not have access to safe toilets. Insights used to support The United Nations Water’s World Toilet Day. Analysis model used for AI image processing for real-time and automated data processing.

3. Why CEOs need to become activists in sustainability.. We used Alto Analyzer to understand the public digital debate on sustsainability in the USA and uncovered consumers are now looking to CEOs to take action on sustainability where governments are falling short. Insights for CEO activism for brand strategy. This analysis was published by the World Economic Forum.

2. Why Does Burger King Care About Net Neutrality? Corporate Activism As A Business Strategy. With the Trump administration’s repeal of net neutrality this summer, Alto conducted a big data analysis of Burger King’s net neutrality campaign to uncover how corporate activism impacts bottom line. Insight used for brand and business strategy.

1. The Construction Of Anti-Immigration Electoral Messages In Italy. This blog shows the role foreign media played in shaping the anti-immigration debate one year before the 2018 Itailian federal elections. Insights used for early dectection of disinformation to foster fake news and manipulate public opinion. This blog was published in Bloomberg Politics.

We will continue to publish at least one blog per month featuring our latest work about big data and applied artificial intelligence. Check out our blog regularly for other updates about our software, team and insights.