Alto’s CEO and founder, Alex Romero, has been featured in a report about fake news in El Independiente, one of the world’s top digital newspapers in Spanish.

The report focuses on the origins of fake news in the new era of post-truth and what makes disinformation unique from traditional information. Other media experts featured in the report include researcher and journalist, Myriam Redondo, MIT analyst Sinan Aral, researcher of the CNRS and creator of the Politoscope, David Chavalarias and El Independiente journalist, Marta GarcĂ­a Aller.

In Alto’s studies, we’ve found the classic definition of “bots” or “chat bots” is evolving and that disinformation strategies employ complex network typology as discussed in the report by Alex Romero:

Note: add English subtitles as content has been produced in Spanish.