Alto Insights

Exceptionally powerful visual reports by world-class data experts

Alto Insights is a sophisticated intelligence service where next-generation technology and human brainpower meet. Alto is home to multidisciplinary, international data experts who work with your needs in sight to resolve complex questions by applying AI and advanced analytics, turning the vast, complex world of public data into high-impact, visually compelling intelligence.


Exclusive expert support from multidisciplinary world-class analysts

Alto’s dedicated team of international data experts with diverse backgrounds in sociology, design, mathematics, data science, journalism, business, or cyber intelligence go above and beyond to ensure consultancy-level insights with best-in-class intelligence. We apply all our creativity to look where no one else has.


C-Suite and board-level buy-in

Alto Insights means compelling, data-led insights through high-impact reporting and visualizations. Alto Insights empowers effective communications and confident buy-in to support decision-making at the senior management and board levels.


Powerful and unique visualizations

Rich, complex insights are made clear and concise through Alto’s unique approach to high-impact data visualization. Communicate data-rich intelligence with ease and efficiency across your organization.


Tailored and co-created project design

With Alto Insights, project requirements are co-created with our clients and developed in order to ensure a precise and effective consulting approach. Alto Insights' ad-hoc projects are designed to exceed any specific intelligence needs or research questions.

Explore diverse intelligence solutions

Advanced technology and expert analysis are uniquely combined to provide solutions that help organizations around the world leverage the power of AI, big data and advanced analytics in areas ranging from Disinformation, Electoral Integrity and Deepfakes, Brand Reputation and Crisis Response, to Family Offices, Board and C-Level Executive Protection, Political Debate, Public Opinion Polarization or Social Unrest Analytics.

Outstanding customized analysis and precision reporting

Analyses and reporting are executed to meet your specific strategic goals as a top priority by our team of expert data scientists. Precision reporting is designed to provide unique insights that are relevant and immediately actionable for better decision making at your organization.